Saturday, 11 February 2012

Rob Hayle's Onix Photoshoot ( Behind The Scenes)

Since putting out the press release about the new Onix Black Rob Hayles Signature range of bikes things have gone crazy at Onix.

The plan was to have some shots of Rob with the bikes ready for the press release but due to a late change in Mark Cavendish's schedule we had to cancel the shoot till a week later. Robs main job these days is working with Mark on his training and PR schedule for Team Sky.

Firstly you would be very surprised at the amount of organisation that is required to put this day together. Our Spokesmen PR agency worked flat out with our photographer James Maloney from merseypics for about 3 weeks in preparation for the shoot. Also myself and James spent a day scouting locations in the peaks for the shoot.

Finally the day arrived and the weather forecast looked grim but more about that later. 

James had acquired the help of fellow top snapper Dan Kenyon to help on the day and they headed straight to the cricket club we had hired to set up the studio and I headed to Robs house to drop off his kit to wear. One thing I have to say about Rob Hayles is that for all his cycling achievements im probably more impressed with his barista skills, Wow that guy makes a great cup of coffee and he made me a couple upon my early arrival at his house, mucho needed !

After a chat with Robs wife Vicky we headed off for the 5 minute drive to the cricket club to meet up with the guys. Upon Arrival there was a hive of activity with James and Dan setting things up. Me and Rob brought the bikes in and Rob was immediately blown away by the quality of look and finish on the bikes.Rob tested all the products in raw carbon form and although he had seen the designs of the paint on a computer photoshop image this was actually the 1st time he had seen the finished produt, it was fair to say he was very very pleased.
He immediately got changed and started to fettle the bikes to get his riding position perfect.
My Hayles Fettling The RH/PRO !
There have been many highs and lows on the Onix journey for me personally to get the brand to where it is today but when Rob came out of the Ladies (yes ladies) in his Onix Kit it was a real moment of realisation of how far we have come in essentially 13 months.

James and Dan soon had the studio set up and the 1st thing on the agenda was an interview with Rob and myself talking about how we hooked up and why Rob has joined Onix and put his name to the bikes. Luckily we managed to nail that in a few takes with drying up or bursting out laughing.That was my work done in front of the camera for the day and now it was time for the shots of Rob in his Onix Kit.

Rob has done this thousands of times before so he knew the dance of what is required and strutted the required pose's with a plom.
Behind the scenes
More Official Shot

Next up was to get some shots of Rob on the bike which meant getting the rollers out. James And Dan worked ferociously around Rob as he powered away on the rollers. I was mainly outside taking calls from The Gadget Show who wanted a bike to take to Monaco in less than 24hrs. Its great that our reputation has grown so much that we are getting contacted by these sort of organisations but this kind of timeline is ridiculous. We pulled it off by the way !

 Rob giving it beans on the RH Pro

While I was outside conferring with the Gadget Show it started to sleet and rain to add to the sub zero temperatures. The last shots were of Rob standing with the bikes and doing some video talking about the bikes strengths and what he found when testing them. We hope to release this in around 2 weeks time.
Rob Proudly showing off the Top Of The Range Onix Black RH/PRO
Rob Proudly showing off the Onix Black RH

Rob does Camp, A little to well to be honest !
So that was a wrap as they say and time for dinner. Rob invited us all to his house where he knocked up the most amazing homemade Pea And Ham Soup, Actually im being too kind Errrrr Rob Heated up his wifes amazing homemade Pea And Ham Soup but he did magic up some more amazing coffee. We all sat eating and watching Cav win another stage of the Tour Of Qatar on Eurosport as the weather outside just got worse.

It was clear that our plans to shoot on Winnats Pass & surrounding area was a non starter firstly for Robs safety and secondly it was covered in low cloud and mist. For the projects we have in production though we had to get some outside shots of Rob on the bike outdoors. Rob recommended a piece of Road not to far away where we could get some great shots in 1 take from the back of the team car.

When we got there it was effin freezing with sleet coming down. I have to say that Rob was a true pro and just got on with it as were James and Dan. The conditions were not good for anyone but especially for Rob who was having to brave the worst of the conditions.

Considering we did this as quickly as possible so we could get Rob back in the warmth of the car we still got some great shots and video. The shots have a hardcore look about them being shot in such extreme conditions.

Some great shots of Rob In Full Onix Flow on the RH/Pro
As Rob arrived back at the car on the last run he jumped off the bike and exclaimed "I Love This F***in bike" before jumping back in the car to thaw out.When I see Robs reaction and enthusiasm for the RH bikes it just fills me with such pride in what we have managed to produce.

So that was that, James and Dan headed home and I took Rob back to his gaff.
Upon arrival Vicky insisted I try the cakes she was baking for there daughters school competition. 
I consider myself an expert in this matter, its a hard job but someone's gotta do it.

We can now get on with the work of advertising and editing of videos which I hope you will start seeing around early March.

Remember there is a 10% discount on pre orders before 10th March on the Onix Black RH Range. Click here for more details.

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