Thursday, 5 July 2012

Onix Bikes New Website

Passion is something we run the business by at Onix.  Passion for our products, passion for cycling and passion for our customers.   Without passion, life can be a little boring, it can lack a little sparkle, new ideas can become quashed and debates about detail deferred.

Which brings us to our new website.  We’ve known for a long time how poor our previous site was, functionally it did the trick, but it didn’t really inspire.   At time of launching the brand - when you have to do everything on a shoestring - you get the best you can, with the resources you have.

Our number one priority, as always, was the bikes.  Designing, testing and launching the Onix Black RH range earlier this year was one of our proudest moments. Staggeringly good bikes, tested by a World Champion with a whole range of bike builder options to get your build exactly as you want it.  The reviews we’ve had so far say it all; our passion for the product has resulted in two fine racing machines.  Our next step has been this website re-design, to give the bikes the shop window they deserve. 
Websites take a long time to design and build, particularly when you want to have something which represents your brand and your passion. 

There is so much testing, development and designing to do, it has taken a little longer than we anticipated, but we hope you like the results.  Like the bikes, we don’t put the logo on it, until we’re 100% satisfied.  We’ve widened the assortment of products and continue to add more every day, in order that we provide the right parts and accessories to accompany your ride, to help you perform at your best. 

Our passion for customers is at unrelenting levels.  If you want to support a UK cycling business, a boutique brand doing interesting things in the market, then get in contact, order something or engage with us on social media.  We’re building something, be a part of it.
Also we want you to know that when you spend your hard earned in our shop it really makes a difference to the brand. That revenue is used to help develop & test new products for the Onix range as we continue to build a UK bike brand you can be proud if.

CLICK HERE, take a tour and I hope you like it ..


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