Thursday, 5 July 2012

Onix Bikes New Website

Passion is something we run the business by at Onix.  Passion for our products, passion for cycling and passion for our customers.   Without passion, life can be a little boring, it can lack a little sparkle, new ideas can become quashed and debates about detail deferred.

Which brings us to our new website.  We’ve known for a long time how poor our previous site was, functionally it did the trick, but it didn’t really inspire.   At time of launching the brand - when you have to do everything on a shoestring - you get the best you can, with the resources you have.

Our number one priority, as always, was the bikes.  Designing, testing and launching the Onix Black RH range earlier this year was one of our proudest moments. Staggeringly good bikes, tested by a World Champion with a whole range of bike builder options to get your build exactly as you want it.  The reviews we’ve had so far say it all; our passion for the product has resulted in two fine racing machines.  Our next step has been this website re-design, to give the bikes the shop window they deserve. 
Websites take a long time to design and build, particularly when you want to have something which represents your brand and your passion. 

There is so much testing, development and designing to do, it has taken a little longer than we anticipated, but we hope you like the results.  Like the bikes, we don’t put the logo on it, until we’re 100% satisfied.  We’ve widened the assortment of products and continue to add more every day, in order that we provide the right parts and accessories to accompany your ride, to help you perform at your best. 

Our passion for customers is at unrelenting levels.  If you want to support a UK cycling business, a boutique brand doing interesting things in the market, then get in contact, order something or engage with us on social media.  We’re building something, be a part of it.
Also we want you to know that when you spend your hard earned in our shop it really makes a difference to the brand. That revenue is used to help develop & test new products for the Onix range as we continue to build a UK bike brand you can be proud if.

CLICK HERE, take a tour and I hope you like it ..


Friday, 8 June 2012

The Story Of A Bike Entrepreneur

What makes an Entrepreneur?

This is a question I get asked a lot and to be honest I don't have an answer but possibly my experience may shed some light on this conundrum.

In my case I had worked in the printing industry for 22 years where I had earned a very comfortable living but I had hated the job from the first moment I started it pretty much from leaving school. In that time I had always looked at people who owned there own business as different to me, I always thought it must be nice to not having someone telling you what to do but you decide what and when you are going to do things,your in control. There is something underlying in that statement in the fact that there was always something in me that didn't like being told what to do.
This is where I spent my Days and sometimes nights on shifts

Does this make an entrepreneur, NO as there are millions of people who hate being told what to do but will always carry on with there day to day grind of the day job but I am sure that being in control of your own destiny is one of the very small factors.

The moment it all changed for me was literally a moment of clarity where I realised that I had worked in a job I dreaded going into every day for 22 years and I had at least another 26 years left to go. I thought to myself why do I keep moaning about this situation but I never actually try and do anything about it. I sat in my living room pondering how I could get out of this vicious circle. I thought long and hard about a career change but with 2 young children and a huge mortgage I cant afford to get back on the bottom rung of the ladder and start on low wages again. Over a period of about 3-4 days it suddenly dawned on me that it was neigh on impossible to start a new career and be on similar wages that I had took 22 years to attain. So it was while out on my bike riding down a country lane on my own that I decided enough was enough and it was time to change the direction of my life. If doing this meant starting on low wages again then why do that and still work for someone else, if I am going to do this then I am going to be my own boss, I am going to start my own company !!

I choose to keep this decision a secret from my wife and family for the time being because the next big decision was what was my new company going to do, make or specialise in. This was a very simple decision to me, if I am going to do this then it seems obvious that you want it to be something you enjoy and are passionate about. So I asked myself what would be my dream job, the very opposite of printing, something I would look forward to everyday and enjoy. So bold as brass in December 2009 I announced to my unsuspecting wife that I was going to start my own bike brand, I mean how hard can it be I said. I actually did say that, it was said from a blinding confidence that I could do it and a total naivety of the journey that lay ahead. 

So what were the obstacles to me fulfilling this dream.

  1. No experience in the industry.
  2. No business experience
  3. No money or savings to start the company.
  4. Putting my family at risk with a loss of income.
My wife was very understanding, she knew how much I hated my job and had confidence in me that I could do it. She just made me make one promise that I would not borrow any money against the house or put losing the house at risk in any way.
So after 4 months of intensive research Onix Bikes Ltd was formed in April 2010 and this journey began. 
I borrowed some money from my parents and from my Mother and Father in law. It was a miniscule amount of money in the context of what I was trying to do. Knowing what I know now id say I was £80,000 short of what I needed minimum to do it properly.
This meant I had to do everything myself so I could make that money last as long as possible to keep the dream alive. I had to become bike designer,web designer,accountant,sales assistant,marketing manager & managing director overnight. I left my printing job so I could plough everything I had into this project, working every hour was not an option but a necessity.
Slowly through the next 14 months the journey went on a downward spiral as it became harder and harder to keep it alive. No one would take me seriously, No one would give me an account, No one would reply to my emails or ring me back. The industry didnt want to let me in, its as simple as that I am afraid. Did I get disheartened by this NO it just made me more determined and show these people that with or without them I was going to make Onix a success. 
During this time our financial situation was terrible, I remember one month where I didn't have enough money in the account to buy food for the family, I kept this information away from my wife as I didn't want her to worry. I just raided the garage and sold everything I could on ebay to get the money together to get us through that month. There were no holidays, no take a ways or nights out, literally we just tried to treat the kids as much as we could with days out.
In that moment it never occurred to me that this was ridiculous and just go back into the printing industry and start to live life again. There was always this undying belief that this was going to work out, that all the sacrifice was going to be worth it in the end.
Maybe there is the answer to the entrepreneur question there in that they will never give in and take the easy option, they will never stop believing in there quest even when everyone is telling them that your crazy and chasing an impossible dream.
I write this from a perspective of hindsight, at the time it was just the way it was, you accepted it was tough but you just got on with it and it became normal. It never felt like a quest or chasing a dream it was just part of my new day to day working life.

Turning Points 
One of the first turning points was that after the bank wouldn't give me any money I didn't have enough money to stock my 2011 framesets. So I had got a great product to market but couldn't stock it, this was one of the many points where I came to a complete cul de sac. I managed through a lot of passionate pleading to convince one of the smaller wholesalers in my product and he paid for and stocked the frames for me. He would make some money out of this deal as you would expect but it got the Onix train back on the tracks and we were off again.

The Onix Azzuro was the first Model in the Onix Range and is still available today with a 25% discount offer at the moment

Id say that to be an entrepreneur you do have to have some luck mixed in with all the hard work. Others have told me that you make your own luck, I am still not sure which is true but my big piece of luck was getting involved with David Harmon of Eurosport fame. Now I did stalk David during the 2010 Tour De France with about 10-15 daily tweets to which I didn't get much of a response but he did start following me and therein became aware of my struggle that I was very honest about on the Onix twitter feed. So did I make that piece of luck happen??

It was after tweeting about a disastrous meeting at Cycling Weekly where they basically told me to go away and not to bother them again that David got in touch and said he had been following my story and thought he could help. That point at Cycling Weekly was the rock bottom of the Onix Journey, it was a real eye opener but I learnt from it rather than giving up. From that phone call from David the curve has been an upward one with a stratospheric rise in the past 6 months.
Once David rode the 2011 bikes and realised how good they were we had test bikes going off to most media outlets and we had Dan Patten racing the bikes in Belgium. Through David I met Ken Jones from Bioracer who has become a big supporter of the brand and help to me also. The key to this is though, if they didn't believe in the product then they wouldn't have got involved in the first place. Your product has to be top notch and you have to do things in a different way if you are going to be a success and stand out from the crowd.

Looking Back
So back in 2009 if someone had told me that we would have one of the brightest upcoming British Bike Brands in the UK, Have a former world champion testing and endorsing the bikes with his signature, have teams regularly asking about the possibility of riding our products ,would I have believed you... Well back then YES because I thought how hard can it be. If you asked me in January 2011 I would have thought twice as the years had hardened me to exactly how hard this was to achieve.
I used to watch and admire Rob Hayles from the sidelines as a fan and now I work with him and consider him a good friend.. Crazy!!

Right now I am still not personally earning much from the business at all, there are still no holidays. Although the business is now firmly on the up every penny has to be ploughed back into it to continue its success going forward.

So what makes an entrepreneur?

  1. To want to be in control of your own destiny
  2. Total belief in what you are doing and that it will be a success.
  3. Be a risk taker.
  4. Not mind working endless hours for no monetary return for years to reach your goal. 
  5. There will be far more downs than ups so you have to be able to find a way around obstacles and never lose focus of where your trying to get to.
  6. Ability to recognise an opportunity and then maximise that opportunity..
When I started the Onix journey I never thought I was any of these things listed above and I still don't, it was just what had to be done and they are pointed out to you by other people afterwards.

All I can say is that it has been an incredibly tough journey for me and I have put my family through a lot with a lack of financial security.If I had started with a larger budget it would have been a lot easier but that in itself would not have secured its success but to wake up every day with enthusiasm to go to work, to live and breathe every moment of every day and essentially do what you always dreamed of is worth more than any money and is the reason I did it.

Who knows where this journey will end.


Sunday, 3 June 2012

Onix Twitter Ride 2012

Our new Onix Logo that is goin 2b used4 the Onix brand goin 4... on Twitpic
1st July 2012
Meeting At Onix HQ
Unit 3a Sentinel Court
Wilkinson Way
Blackburn, BB1 2EH
8.45am for 9.15am Push Off
After having our twitter rides back in 2011 we planned to do 5 or 6 nationwide during 2012
Since launching the Onix Black RH Rob Hayles Signature bikes things at Onix have gone a bit crazy. We have been attending our 1st bike shows, moved into a new showroom and been inundated with interest by customers and media alike with our bikes. This has meant we have just not had time to organise the rides as we had hoped.
Having said that we love our twitter rides and we like to put something back for all the people who have supported us or follow Onix. We call it the Onix family and its something that we see as being very important going forward with the future of Onix. What better way to engage the brand with new people and also stay in touch with the customers that have already bought into the brand than to invite them on an organised ride that wont cost you a penny to enter.
We do hope to organise another one later in the year down South and UK Nationwide ones again in 2013.
With lessons learnt from previous Twitter Rides we have changed the format with this one by having 2 routes that will be ridden in 4 Phases.You can choose your route depending on the challenge and pace you want to ride at on the day. The longer route will be ridden at a good pace by the Mountivation Team taking in a more difficult route. The shorter route is more direct and will be ridden at an easy pace.

Phase 1:-
Phase 1 will be ridden together as 1 group at an easy pace to keep everyone together.
We leave Onix HQ and head towards Edgeworth over the top of the moor.The 1st 3 miles are all uphill with 1 little steep section which will sting some legs that have not warmed up yet. This is rewarded though with a 5 mile rolling descent into Chapeltown where we then turn right to start the 2.5 mile climb over Little Moor Clough.We then head across to the Belmont Road at 14 miles.
Phase 1 is ridden on some of the most scenic quiet roads you could ever wish to ride on, really stunning scenery.

Phase 2:-
14 miles is where the group splits and will meet up at the Cafe Stop at Gusta Gusto. 
Those wishing for a stiffer challenge will go on the longer route with the Mountivation Team over Winter Hill and the tough Anglezarke climb that featured on the Commonwealth Games Road Race course.This stretch is a real treat with great climbs and valley roads hugging reservoirs adding some more fantastic scenery into the mix.

The shorter route will head across the Moor on the Belmont Road which has a long winding descent and take a more direct flatter route to the cafe stop.

Cafe Stop:-
Both groups will meet at the Gusta Gusto Cafe Stop. This also means that a large group doesn't hit the cafe all in one go and should help with getting service.The cafe has a large seating area to accommodate everyone and has a good selection of hot/cold food, cake and coffee. 

Phase 3:-
Phase 3 see's the group reunited as we leave the cafe heading through Woodplumpton and then along the B5269 at an easy pace once again heading to Longridge. Phase 3 is about 10 miles long before the routes split once again.

Phase 4:-
The start of phase 4 gives riders the choice of which route they want to take depending on how there legs are feeling.

At Longridge the Mountivation Team will head on the longer more scenic route home taking in the climbs of Jeffery Hill & Longridge fell before descending past Stonyhurst College into Ribchester.Two more climbs over Pleasington and Tockholes will then take you back to Onix HQ.

The shorter route decends straight into Ribchester and takes a more direct route back through Blackburn to Onix HQ.

Longer Route:-
The longer route will be ridden at a brisker pace,has many more climbs and is ridden on 85% scenic quiet roads.The ride captain will still keep the group together and will be supported by a vehicle. As well as the ride captain some of the Mountivation team will also have the route downloaded to there Garmin.

Shorter Route:-
The shorter route will be supported by Onix Owner Craig Middleton as ride captain & by a vehicle.Please Note that although the shorter route will be ridden at a much easier pace it still has 4000+ft of climbing which is a lot. So please only attend if you know you can complete the course.

Garmin Download
View the routes at the links below and they can be downloaded from there.
If you have a GPS device then please download the route. The more riders who know where there going the easier it is to keep everyone together.

It is a chance to meet me Craig Middleton, the owner of Onix Bikes,I will be happy to have a chat with anyone about what we are trying to do with Onix as a brand and our future plans.Also you will be able to see the new RH show bikes in the flesh.

We always try to bring along some well known people who are attached to or support Onix in some way.We hope to try to add to this list before the day but already there are some interesting people to chat with & get an insight into there professional world and love of cycling.
If you are having to travel and dont want an early morning drive or your journey is just to far to travel on the day of the ride then there is a premier inn just a very short drive away from Onix HQ.

  • Please make sure your bike is road worthy
  • Please only attend if you know you can complete the ride
  • Free Car Parking and toilets are available at Onix HQ
  • This is not an insured ride in any way, you ride at your own risk.
  • There is no fee to attend
  • You dont have to own an Onix Bike to attend.
  • Please bring some cafe stop money.


 Moutivation Cycling Academy Team
 Onix is very proud to support the Mountivation Academy Team with there RH/Pro Team edition bikes. The team will be taking a little time off from an intensive training weekend to support the twitter ride and it gives you the chance to chat to some of the most promising young talent in the UK.

Gary Sadler is an ex-Pro and 15 times national track/ road champion

These days Gary is the Mountivation Academy DS. Gary will be providing support on the Longer ride from a vehicle yet to be annouced. 
Could be some motor pacing behind his scooter.. (Joking)

Matthew Wilson 
 WRC M Sport World Rally Driver
 Matthew is a cycling nut and uses it for his core fitness for his rallying career.Onix sponsors Matthew with an Onix Black RH/Pro bike & he actively promotes the brand on the world rally circuit as well doing challenging charity rides around Europe

 Barry Johnson
 Barry is far to modest to say but he is a bit of a legend in the Cumbria area.
 Barry is the current 2012 European Triathon Champion in his age group that he won in Israel. He is going for the world crown later this year and rides an Onix Azzuro in all events.

 Craig Middleton 
 Owner & Founder Of Onix Bikes Ltd

You Will Get

An energy bar for the ride.

 Purple Harry
 Purple Harry make some of the best cleaning and maintainance products for cleaning your bike.
 Once you try your sample of Purple Harry bike floss you will wonder how you ever survived without it

Professional Photographer Chris Keller Jackson will be on hand to capture the day in pictures from the Onix
Team Car

 Neutral Service
 A neutral Service car with mechanic Mike Jackson offering mechanical support will follow the ride.


We also have Continental GP4000 tyres to purchase on the day with cash in Black/Blue and Black/Grey 23mm.
1 Tyre £25
2 Tyres £45

Also everyone is welcome to have a pint and a chat after the ride in The Willows Pub which is within 5 minutes of Onix HQ.
I look forward to meeting you on the day and lets hope the weather is kind.
Craig Middleton

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Buy The Onix Aurious Bike Of The Year Bike

Earlier in the year Cycling Plus did there 2012 Bike Of The Year article where they tested 25 bikes from 25 different brands. This included all the big name brands and prominent micro brands.

You may recall that our Onix Aurious got a fantastic review and we were informed later that it had come 6th out of the 25 bikes that had been sent in.

Review Here

Well that very bike has returned to HQ and is now available for 1 lucky person to purchase at a great price.
It is a stunning bike with a great wheelset that has only been ridden a handful of times, it has a couple of little marks on 1 side at the top of the fork but apart from that it is in great condition and pretty much new.


  • 56cm Frameset
  • Shimano 105 group 53/39 175mm 11-25
  • Shimano RS80 carbon matrix wheels
  • Deda RHM01 Bars 42c-c
  • Deda 01 stem 130mm
  • Onix UL1 carbon seatpost
  • Fizik Arione White Saddle (Manganese Rails)
  • Conti GP4000s Tyres
  • Onix BC1 Bottle Cage
RRP £1950

Price by paying Onix Bikes Direct by Cheque or Bank Transfer 
£1600 exc P&P

Bike is at the Onix Bikes Showroom if anyone wants to view it 1st.
1st come 1st served !

Contact us at

Get yourself a bargain and join the ever growing Onix Family !


Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Onix Bikes On The Gadget Show

So Onix Bikes made its debut on National TV last night on The Gadget Show.

After the producers did some research on the brand they wanted to get Onix involved with the show,its yet another sign of the rapid progress the brand is making that opportunity's like this are coming our way.

We had an incredibly tight schedule to work to which didnt allow us time to get Jason Bradbury set up & measured on the bike and get him clip in pedals etc.In an ideal world we would have liked to have been more involved in the piece with information  but we were just asked to just provide a bike for the show.

From a keen cycling point of view you know the test is not going to be very in depth as the presenters are not knowledgeable riders. Having said that from an exposure point of view, to have your bike racing round the Monaco F1 circuit on one of the most popular National TV shows on telly is very cool and shows how mainstream cycling is becoming.

This kind of programme is not aimed at the knowledgeable cyclist but the person who might decide I fancy giving that a go and then becomes one of the lucky few who gets to enjoy our great sport !!

We are running a special Gadget Show offer in the shop on the Onix Azzuro that was featured in the show with 25% off bikes and 40% off the frameset.

If you missed the episode you can watch it here !!

Monday, 16 April 2012

The Scottish Bike Show 2012

So Onix has completed its first bike show and publicly unveiled the Onix Black RH Rob Hayles signature range to the world, well Scotland anyway.

Before I get onto the show I would like to say a few words about the organiser Rowan Mackie. I know just how hard it is to to get a new venture off the ground that you have 100% belief in. There are many shows in southern England, not so many in northern England and none North of the border till Rowan came onto the scene.

Rowan played a massive part in bringing us to the show and we are so glad we did. The shows organisation was first class,looked great and there was plenty to keep family's and keen cyclists alike amused for hours on end. Rowan deserves all of our support as exhibitors and visitors because without people like Rowan willing to take the risk and do something thats never been done before like a big show for the Scottish public we would all be the worse off for it.

Onto the show !!

After a long drive up to Glasgow with trustee Onix Mechanic Mike Jackson who was my right hand man for the weekend we arrived at the SCC exhibition centre. Onix was sharing a stand with our good friends NRG4 Sales who were a couple of hours behind us on the road. As myself and Mike started to get the kit out of the car the scale of our stand became very apparent. So a last gasp decision which turned out to be an inspired one was made to put the Onix Team Car on the stand. This meant an hour for me driving around Glasgow trying to find a hand car wash to get it gleaming for this purpose. After a frustrating time in rush hour city traffic I returned to find the NRG4 peeps unloading there van.

As the stand started to take shape I went over to the hotel which was only next door to check in and pick up our huge banner of a screaming red & blue Rob Hayles face.I had arranged for it to be sent direct to the hotel to be sure we would have it on time. The hotel was lovely but no banner, slight panic ensued but after a few phone calls I was assured it would arrive on the morning of the show on time.

Luckily after waking up a little hazy after a late night in the bar with fellow exhibitors & friends Purple Harry the banner duly arrived and as the first member of the public streamed in our stand designed by NRG4 Sales really did look fantastic.
The very 1st ever Onix show stand

As the show progressed it became more and more apparent just how important it is to get our bikes seen in the flesh. Only then did people truly appreciate the look of the bikes and the intricate gloss detailing on the finish. Then you spend some time showing people the reviews and informing them of the lengths we go to using a former world champion to test our bikes. The reaction to all of this was phenomenal.
The Onix Black RH/Pro literally stopped people in there tracks. 
In this world of fast technology,instant communication and social media there is still no substitute for looking someone in the eye and just communicating with them on that personal level. The show was an outstanding success for Onix for so many reasons. Yes we secured some bike sales but much more important than that is the amount of people we met & talked to who I believe went away with Onix firmly now on there radar as a bike company to watch in the future.

We certainly look forward to supporting The Scottish Bike Show again next year and we are quickly turning our attention now to hopefully making our 2nd show appearance at The Irish Bike Show in May.. Were working on that right now !!


Monday, 9 April 2012

Stage wins,Bike Builds & Yellow jerseys for Onix Bikes

Well what a week & Bank Holiday weekend for Onix Bikes

Firstly we opened our new office and showroom on Monday and we got our fantastic 1st review of the Onix Black RH in Cycling Plus magazine. We were also excitedly awaiting the 1st shipment of Onix Black RH and RH Pro framesets on Tuesday. Within that shipment were the special team edition orange Onix Black RH/Pro frames for the Mountivation Academy Team that we sponsor. The team were leaving for their first really big race in Ireland on Friday, where they were partaking in the prestigious Gorey 3 Day Stage race where 186 riders were taking to the start line. So plenty of time to get the bikes ready or so we thought.

All of our plans were thrown into turmoil when the courier company were 2 days late with the delivery and they arrived on Thursday afternoon.We also worked like crazy to pull all the components together for the builds but by 5pm on Thursday evening our mechanic Mike Jackson came to the showroom to pick everything up. One thing that we both were very happy with was how the team orange look had come out to match the sponsors colour scheme.
Mountivation Team Edition Onix Black RH/Pro in Fluro Orange

This signalled the start of the mother of all bike builds where Mike had 6 bikes to build in 6hrs so the team could take them to Ireland. Mountivation riders drove to Wigan to help as all hands went to the pump to try and get them ready. After a very hard nights work the bikes were ready and some very excited riders loaded them up to take to Ireland. Massive shout out to Mike Jackson our mechanic for getting the bikes built on time, Mike is an important and committed member of the Onix family.
6 Team Onix RH Pro bikes in mid build.

All hands to the pump on the bike buildathon

So happy in the knowledge that the mission had been accomplished we settled into what was going to be a dream weekend of racing for the teams we are backing in 2012. The Gorey 3 day stage race in Ireland is a very competitive race with past winners including Dan Martin. The Mountivation Academy Team has a mission statement to bring through some of the most promising young talent in the UK and prepare them for a life as a cycling professional. For Onix it is the perfect project to be involved with as it is all about supporting this great sport at grass roots level which is so rewarding. The Gorey stage race was geared to be an important learning experience of going away from home and riding as a team at a high level against riders who are a lot more experienced than our young stars of the future.

On Friday evening our phone and twitter feed lit up as news filtered through that on their very 1st outing on the RH/Pro bikes 16 year old Matt Flynn (below) had won stage one and taken the yellow jersey. We were jumping round the room  in excitement at the news, it means so much to us to support a team and play our part in its success.
Orange O Logo Baby.. The Joy of Victory !! (courtesy of Liam Ruth)

As you know from previous posts we have put in so much work testing with former world champ Rob Hayles on the Black RH range.In our opinion the Mountivation lads are riding on some of the best bikes in the peloton and the feedback from the lads on the bikes performance just gives them extra confidence that their geared for success with their equipment. As Rob Hayles said himself "The RH/Pro makes every watt count whether in a sprint or on a climb"

Matt kicks off in yellow on the stage 2 TT (courtesy of Liam Ruth)

Team Edition RH/Pro in full flow ! (courtesy of Liam Ruth)

On Saturday morning the team rode strong in the TT and on stage 3 in the afternoon where they lost the yellow jersey but there is no shame in that in such a strong field of riders and it is an important part of the learning curve. Then I get a call from Ken Jones that his Onimpex Bioracer team rider Ste Davis had won the Ray Levers Memorial RR on his Onix Aurious Team Bike, surely the weekend cant get any better!!
Proud Winning Team

As we reflected on a great weekends racing for the brand it just got even better when we news came across the Irish sea that Matt Flynn had won the final stage at Gorey with the help of his team mates and taken the points jersey..
Breaking away for victory on the final stage of Gorey 3 day. Love the Onix O Logo overshoes as well ;-)

Obviously you sponsor teams with bikes to help sales & promote how good the bikes perform but the rewarding feeling of playing your part in success far outweighs any other emotions for us at Onix HQ. Were so passionate about our bikes and its just an amazing feeling of pride on weekends like these. 

Also these teams wouldnt race our bikes unless they were top drawer

In closing well done to everyone connected with the teams success this weekend and Onix Black RH bikes are in stock and available to buy right now. You too can feel the Onix Power !!


Monday, 2 April 2012

New Onix Bikes Showroom

Things have been very busy at Onix towers as we prepare for a big month in April containing..
  • Launching our fantastic new website.
  • Our d├ębut show at The Scottish Bike Show showcasing our RH bikes for there 1st public appearance.
  • Onix Black RH test bikes going out to all the major cycling magazines and websites.
And the reason for this post where we have moved into our new showroom/office. There have been certain occasions along this journey of the Onix brand where you feel we have just jumped another big leap forward and this is certainly one of them.

A quick thank you to Essence Coffee for supplying there fantastic products for our coffee station !

So please come and visit us to see our range and have a chat over a proper cup of coffee.

Onix Bikes Ltd
Unit 3a Sentinel Court
Wilkinson Way

I advise booking an appointment to be sure & I look forward to meeting you !!

Come and see our Bikes in the flesh.

The Onix Black RH bikes are centre stage.. Naturally !

The Coffee Station: A warm welcome and an Essence coffee is guaranteed !   @essencecoffee 

Onix Videos are always available to watch for a little inspiration !

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Onix Black RH Review

Every time Onix sends a bike in for a test with the cycling media it is safe in the knowledge that due to all the hard work done with our testing program,using top professionals like Rob Hayles we have done everything we possibly could to make our bikes the very best they can be.

The latest outstandingly positive review for the Onix Black RH follows hot on the heals of our very strong showing with the Onix Aurious for the 2012 Bike Of The Year. 
If proof were needed that our testing program works then these latest reviews certainly provide it.

At Onix we always go that extra mile on every aspect of the company.

To go off on a tangent slightly take our QR code for example. We could like most other company's just produce a generic black code that would do the job of directing customers to our website.
We had the same philosophy with the code as our bikes, lets work to do something different and do the very best we can, we call it the Onix Ethos and it will never change.
Our New QR Code

Anyway I digress,back to the review.

The theme for this particular review was bikes with a famous name attached. We obviously qualified with our Rob Hayles Signature Range.The roll call for the test beared some of the biggest and most established names from the cycling world.
The review below speaks for itself so I wont waste time talking about it. For a new brand like Onix to beat the likes of Merckx & Cipollini among others really backs up our credentials as one of THE brands to watch.

The aim of our testing program with the Onix Black RH was to provide a real all rounder. Good enough to race but forgiving enough to appeal to the sportive rider as well. Rob was adamant that the split was to be 70% on the side of performance. The reason I brought someone of Robs expertise into the fold was to be able to bring out bikes totally fit for purpose and this review shows we absolutely nailed it.

Lastly I will leave you with a quote from the testers which says everything really.

"In terms of test rider connection and a balanced all-round performance, the Onix RH Black made a big impression on our testers. It’s responsive enough to race or push the tempo during training, but relaxed enough to take out for a long leisurely cruise, and all at a very decent price"

We hope to launch our new website this week. Due to the Onix Ethos it has taken a lot longer than we had hoped but it is more than worth the wait, it looks amazing !

More Blogs posts to come this week..