Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Onix Bikes On The Gadget Show

So Onix Bikes made its debut on National TV last night on The Gadget Show.

After the producers did some research on the brand they wanted to get Onix involved with the show,its yet another sign of the rapid progress the brand is making that opportunity's like this are coming our way.

We had an incredibly tight schedule to work to which didnt allow us time to get Jason Bradbury set up & measured on the bike and get him clip in pedals etc.In an ideal world we would have liked to have been more involved in the piece with information  but we were just asked to just provide a bike for the show.

From a keen cycling point of view you know the test is not going to be very in depth as the presenters are not knowledgeable riders. Having said that from an exposure point of view, to have your bike racing round the Monaco F1 circuit on one of the most popular National TV shows on telly is very cool and shows how mainstream cycling is becoming.

This kind of programme is not aimed at the knowledgeable cyclist but the person who might decide I fancy giving that a go and then becomes one of the lucky few who gets to enjoy our great sport !!

We are running a special Gadget Show offer in the shop on the Onix Azzuro that was featured in the show with 25% off bikes and 40% off the frameset.

If you missed the episode you can watch it here !!

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