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Onix Twitter Ride 2012

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1st July 2012
Meeting At Onix HQ
Unit 3a Sentinel Court
Wilkinson Way
Blackburn, BB1 2EH
8.45am for 9.15am Push Off
After having our twitter rides back in 2011 we planned to do 5 or 6 nationwide during 2012
Since launching the Onix Black RH Rob Hayles Signature bikes things at Onix have gone a bit crazy. We have been attending our 1st bike shows, moved into a new showroom and been inundated with interest by customers and media alike with our bikes. This has meant we have just not had time to organise the rides as we had hoped.
Having said that we love our twitter rides and we like to put something back for all the people who have supported us or follow Onix. We call it the Onix family and its something that we see as being very important going forward with the future of Onix. What better way to engage the brand with new people and also stay in touch with the customers that have already bought into the brand than to invite them on an organised ride that wont cost you a penny to enter.
We do hope to organise another one later in the year down South and UK Nationwide ones again in 2013.
With lessons learnt from previous Twitter Rides we have changed the format with this one by having 2 routes that will be ridden in 4 Phases.You can choose your route depending on the challenge and pace you want to ride at on the day. The longer route will be ridden at a good pace by the Mountivation Team taking in a more difficult route. The shorter route is more direct and will be ridden at an easy pace.

Phase 1:-
Phase 1 will be ridden together as 1 group at an easy pace to keep everyone together.
We leave Onix HQ and head towards Edgeworth over the top of the moor.The 1st 3 miles are all uphill with 1 little steep section which will sting some legs that have not warmed up yet. This is rewarded though with a 5 mile rolling descent into Chapeltown where we then turn right to start the 2.5 mile climb over Little Moor Clough.We then head across to the Belmont Road at 14 miles.
Phase 1 is ridden on some of the most scenic quiet roads you could ever wish to ride on, really stunning scenery.

Phase 2:-
14 miles is where the group splits and will meet up at the Cafe Stop at Gusta Gusto. 
Those wishing for a stiffer challenge will go on the longer route with the Mountivation Team over Winter Hill and the tough Anglezarke climb that featured on the Commonwealth Games Road Race course.This stretch is a real treat with great climbs and valley roads hugging reservoirs adding some more fantastic scenery into the mix.

The shorter route will head across the Moor on the Belmont Road which has a long winding descent and take a more direct flatter route to the cafe stop.

Cafe Stop:-
Both groups will meet at the Gusta Gusto Cafe Stop. This also means that a large group doesn't hit the cafe all in one go and should help with getting service.The cafe has a large seating area to accommodate everyone and has a good selection of hot/cold food, cake and coffee. 

Phase 3:-
Phase 3 see's the group reunited as we leave the cafe heading through Woodplumpton and then along the B5269 at an easy pace once again heading to Longridge. Phase 3 is about 10 miles long before the routes split once again.

Phase 4:-
The start of phase 4 gives riders the choice of which route they want to take depending on how there legs are feeling.

At Longridge the Mountivation Team will head on the longer more scenic route home taking in the climbs of Jeffery Hill & Longridge fell before descending past Stonyhurst College into Ribchester.Two more climbs over Pleasington and Tockholes will then take you back to Onix HQ.

The shorter route decends straight into Ribchester and takes a more direct route back through Blackburn to Onix HQ.

Longer Route:-
The longer route will be ridden at a brisker pace,has many more climbs and is ridden on 85% scenic quiet roads.The ride captain will still keep the group together and will be supported by a vehicle. As well as the ride captain some of the Mountivation team will also have the route downloaded to there Garmin.

Shorter Route:-
The shorter route will be supported by Onix Owner Craig Middleton as ride captain & by a vehicle.Please Note that although the shorter route will be ridden at a much easier pace it still has 4000+ft of climbing which is a lot. So please only attend if you know you can complete the course.

Garmin Download
View the routes at the links below and they can be downloaded from there.
If you have a GPS device then please download the route. The more riders who know where there going the easier it is to keep everyone together.

It is a chance to meet me Craig Middleton, the owner of Onix Bikes,I will be happy to have a chat with anyone about what we are trying to do with Onix as a brand and our future plans.Also you will be able to see the new RH show bikes in the flesh.

We always try to bring along some well known people who are attached to or support Onix in some way.We hope to try to add to this list before the day but already there are some interesting people to chat with & get an insight into there professional world and love of cycling.
If you are having to travel and dont want an early morning drive or your journey is just to far to travel on the day of the ride then there is a premier inn just a very short drive away from Onix HQ.

  • Please make sure your bike is road worthy
  • Please only attend if you know you can complete the ride
  • Free Car Parking and toilets are available at Onix HQ
  • This is not an insured ride in any way, you ride at your own risk.
  • There is no fee to attend
  • You dont have to own an Onix Bike to attend.
  • Please bring some cafe stop money.


 Moutivation Cycling Academy Team
 Onix is very proud to support the Mountivation Academy Team with there RH/Pro Team edition bikes. The team will be taking a little time off from an intensive training weekend to support the twitter ride and it gives you the chance to chat to some of the most promising young talent in the UK.

Gary Sadler is an ex-Pro and 15 times national track/ road champion

These days Gary is the Mountivation Academy DS. Gary will be providing support on the Longer ride from a vehicle yet to be annouced. 
Could be some motor pacing behind his scooter.. (Joking)

Matthew Wilson 
 WRC M Sport World Rally Driver
 Matthew is a cycling nut and uses it for his core fitness for his rallying career.Onix sponsors Matthew with an Onix Black RH/Pro bike & he actively promotes the brand on the world rally circuit as well doing challenging charity rides around Europe

 Barry Johnson
 Barry is far to modest to say but he is a bit of a legend in the Cumbria area.
 Barry is the current 2012 European Triathon Champion in his age group that he won in Israel. He is going for the world crown later this year and rides an Onix Azzuro in all events.

 Craig Middleton 
 Owner & Founder Of Onix Bikes Ltd

You Will Get

An energy bar for the ride.

 Purple Harry
 Purple Harry make some of the best cleaning and maintainance products for cleaning your bike.
 Once you try your sample of Purple Harry bike floss you will wonder how you ever survived without it

Professional Photographer Chris Keller Jackson will be on hand to capture the day in pictures from the Onix
Team Car

 Neutral Service
 A neutral Service car with mechanic Mike Jackson offering mechanical support will follow the ride.


We also have Continental GP4000 tyres to purchase on the day with cash in Black/Blue and Black/Grey 23mm.
1 Tyre £25
2 Tyres £45

Also everyone is welcome to have a pint and a chat after the ride in The Willows Pub which is within 5 minutes of Onix HQ.
I look forward to meeting you on the day and lets hope the weather is kind.
Craig Middleton

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