Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Onix Black RH Pre Orders, Reaction & Details


Well what a totally mad 4 days I have had since the press release went out on Friday about our new 2012 Onix Black RH Signature bikes.
Former World Champion in full flow on the RH/PRO

Firstly, although after months of hard work Myself & Rob already knew the bikes performed to the highest standard and looked fantastic but we have still been overwhelmed by the response across the board to the 2 new bikes.

The cycling media has covered the story in a big way and there is still more to come in the coming weeks. Also they are all very keen to get the mitts on these Rob Hayles tested machines requesting test bikes as soon as possible.
The reaction on social media has been fantastic, this is always a great barometer that you are doing things right as it can be vicious if you are seen to be taking the mickey , doing a bad job or ripping people off.
The RH Stripes #cool

Chainstay Flow design on the RH/PRO


Onixbikes is the brainchild of Craig Middleton, a keen road cyclist who gave up a career in the print industry to follow  his dream and create a high quality carbon road bike brand.
Frustrated by low quality products with little thought having gone into them, he set out to find a better product, with a fresh, new, open approach to connect with his customers.
There is one driving philosophy behind Onix Bikes. We want you to perform to your best.
We source from manufacturers in the Far East, the centre for cycle manufacture, from factories producing frames for the biggest cycling brands in the world. We have carefully selected suppliers working in carbon to the highest global standards. 
Onix Bikes are not average framesets hidden underneath a fancy paint scheme and here’s why.
We take time and care selecting a range of frames and forks in myriad designs, lay-up specifications and carbon grades and give them to our development test rider to hammer into the ground.
That rider is Olympic medalist and World Champion, Rob Hayles.
We take Rob’s advice on which frame, fork and carbon combinations perform the best to make sure we can offer the best bike we possibly can to our customers. Our testing procedure is all about ensuring the riders maximum enjoyment of our machinery and that it’s totally fit for purpose.
All our frames pass the 1100N, 100,000 times fatigue test and we use high quality Toray carbon on all our carbon frames.
When we’re satisfied with the framesets quality and performance, we design the paint scheme and lay down our Onix quality control standard with the factory.
Only then, does a bike get the Onix logo.


We are currently hoping to plan 2 open days in the coming weeks for you to be able to come and see the bikes in the flesh. One will be in the Greater Manchester Area and the other in London.. I will keep you posted on this as I get more information.

Rear Stays on the Black RH


We have been unindated with emails wanting information on the pricing, details and availability of the new Rob Hayles bikes.
Our plans to have our new website ready has been delayed by software problems to get the new bike builder up and running.

However all the information is now up on the current site and if you want to be among the 1st to receive an Onix Black RH bike then you can Pre Order before the 10th March and get a 10% discount. Click Here for details.

All the pricing information is on the bike builder and you can get your spec just right to your budget before placing your order.

Also remember that the RH range are our signature models and if they are a little out of your price range we also have our excellent Aurious and Azzuro models.
Although Rob didnt test these models they were still tested by top professionals which is in keeping with our mantra and ethos.

The Aurious is up for the Cycling Plus 2011 bike of the year at there request and is being raced by the Onimpex Bioracer team this year.
The Azzuro has been lorded as a great performance machine, there is a review here.

Both of these bikes offer great value for money in our range.

Thanks again for all your support.

Onwards and upwards..

Also Lastly we have signed off the 2012 Onix RH Kit with Bioracer complete with the RH Stripes to match the bikes... I absolutely love it !!


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