Monday, 12 December 2011

Onix Videos

One of our big marketing strategy's for 2012 is our video marketing which is just a fantastic way to showcase a company,brand and product if it is done well !!

Our plan at Onix is to make our You Tube Channel a must visit for all road cyclists in the future.
We have ideas to make everything from the cool, random and educational in 2012.

We also have plans to involve Onix Bikes Owners in some of the videos by having raffle winners or competition winners in the near future. Again this is something that I want to do with Onix. When you buy a bike its not a thanks but see you later and never hear from us again.

We plan to carry on to involve our customers in what we are doing at Onix. We want to start up a forum just for Onix Bikes owners to stay in touch with each other and with us so we can get feedback from you about what we are doing.
Obviously in the future we hope to see the Onix brand get bigger and bigger but we dont want to lose that feeling of you feeling like you belong to something different & worthwhile.

I realise that staying in touch with your customers is paramount to success as much as securing new customers in the future..

So here is our last video from our Summer Shoot in the Lake District. 
Onix Bikes Rides Newlands Pass.
Yes thats me going out the back yet again :-( but all for artistic license you understand. I hope you enjoy a little reminder of warm weather,shorts and short sleeves. Enjoy !!

Just stunning scenery to ride your bike in up there and we got lucky with the weather..If you have not seen our other video Onix Bikes Rides The Lake District then you should defo take a look as that has shots of amazing scenery from all over the national park..

You can View and subscribe to our You Tube Channel Here !

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