Monday, 19 December 2011

Onix Aurious Bike

Still very busy here at Onix but I have managed to find 5 minutes to do another blog..

You may have seen on our twitter feed  that we have been asked by Cycling + magazine to send in an Onix Aurious for a 2011 Bike Of The Year article under £2000. 

After the feedback from our Pro Daniel Patten and Ken Jones from Bioracer we had already made the decision to keep the Aurious in the range for 2012. In fact Ken was so impressed he selected the bike for his Onimpex Bioracer Team for 2012.
Also that feedback told us we had more of a performance bike than a sportive bike. This is backed up by the review in Cycling + back in the summer where they lorded its handling,stiffness and performance but marked it down purely because of its tip towards the sportive market, I learned a valuable lesson there. With the long extensive testing of our new 2012 bikes we know exactly the attributes of each bike exactly.

The Cycling + review was disappointing at the time but now looking back at the review it was our description that was at fault not the bike.
Now we know that Cycling + were so impressed they selected it for there bike of the year piece and with us now having changed the description for the Aurious for 2012, I am confident of at the very least a positive review.

Just being a picked as a contender is massive for Onix and I got pretty excited when I heard the news but I cant help but  think about the possibility of winning,, well I can dream!!
One of the really unique things about the Aurious is its triangulated tubes and particulary the diamond shaped top tube. Apart from this giving the bike its stiffness it really is pleasing on the eye as the edge of the top tube sweeps down the seat stay in a continuous curve...really sweet.. (pic below)

At the end of the day a great bike is a great bike so it makes sense to keep it in the range for next year..


The Aurious Description as it is now.

When we started to brainstorm the Aurious we had the brief of sourcing a frame that would offer stiffness quality’s but also offer a slightly relaxed geometry.
Our aim was to provide a bike with great performance at its core with a comfortable riding position.
The Aurious is designed around a consecutive curve idea with triangulated tubes also with extra layers of carbon around the frames major junctions at the seatube, toptube and bottom bracket to provide high stiffness values and performance.
The design & geometry makes the Aurious an outstanding frameset that delivers high performance and handling.

The Onix HP Carbon Fibre  material used to craft the Aurious frame is more than just a T1000 high-grade 12K carbon fiber. It’s a blend engineered to give you the incredible ride quality that makes this bike so unique. Yes, it’s light and stiff. But it’s the way an Onix Aurious performs that really makes this frame a delight to ride.

"it’s the rock solid nature of the frame that’s most noticeable. Point the Aurious into a sharp bend and it responds perfectly, holding a line without any sense of drift or unbalanced movement to shake your confidence."


  1. Good description, Who say's so I do as i am fortunate enough own one!!

  2. California Bikes This cruiser also has a forward pedaling desigen, meaning the pedals are shifted four inches forward to allow for better leg extension and more open and comfortable seating postiion.

  3. Saving hard for an Aurious, loving the design and loving the reviews. Can't wait...from a newbie!