Sunday, 1 April 2012

Onix Black RH Review

Every time Onix sends a bike in for a test with the cycling media it is safe in the knowledge that due to all the hard work done with our testing program,using top professionals like Rob Hayles we have done everything we possibly could to make our bikes the very best they can be.

The latest outstandingly positive review for the Onix Black RH follows hot on the heals of our very strong showing with the Onix Aurious for the 2012 Bike Of The Year. 
If proof were needed that our testing program works then these latest reviews certainly provide it.

At Onix we always go that extra mile on every aspect of the company.

To go off on a tangent slightly take our QR code for example. We could like most other company's just produce a generic black code that would do the job of directing customers to our website.
We had the same philosophy with the code as our bikes, lets work to do something different and do the very best we can, we call it the Onix Ethos and it will never change.
Our New QR Code

Anyway I digress,back to the review.

The theme for this particular review was bikes with a famous name attached. We obviously qualified with our Rob Hayles Signature Range.The roll call for the test beared some of the biggest and most established names from the cycling world.
The review below speaks for itself so I wont waste time talking about it. For a new brand like Onix to beat the likes of Merckx & Cipollini among others really backs up our credentials as one of THE brands to watch.

The aim of our testing program with the Onix Black RH was to provide a real all rounder. Good enough to race but forgiving enough to appeal to the sportive rider as well. Rob was adamant that the split was to be 70% on the side of performance. The reason I brought someone of Robs expertise into the fold was to be able to bring out bikes totally fit for purpose and this review shows we absolutely nailed it.

Lastly I will leave you with a quote from the testers which says everything really.

"In terms of test rider connection and a balanced all-round performance, the Onix RH Black made a big impression on our testers. It’s responsive enough to race or push the tempo during training, but relaxed enough to take out for a long leisurely cruise, and all at a very decent price"

We hope to launch our new website this week. Due to the Onix Ethos it has taken a lot longer than we had hoped but it is more than worth the wait, it looks amazing !

More Blogs posts to come this week..


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