Thursday, 8 December 2011

2012 Testing

Its December already, how time has flown and it brings a particularly busy time to an end for me and  Onix. In order to have your product ready for the new season you need to be placing your order with the factory by the end of October to give plenty of time for it to be ready for the new season.

This year after my trip to the far east in July we had plenty of products to test.Having said that there were some that stood out more than others as soon as I saw them. I always trust my instincts on this and so far thankfully they have not let me down.

Firstly we had to pick a spec for the test prototype frames like the quality of carbon,which fork to use, what rake to have on the fork etc..  All of these factors have a huge bearing on how a product will feel,perform & cost..

We choose a few combinations and started the testing back in August.
This is one of the things that we are really proud of at Onix, Our testing program...

It doesnt get the Onix Logo until we are happy our product is as good as it can be..With that in mind we have gone about a month over with some extra testing just to make sure everything is how we want it to be.We will still have the bikes in stock and ready for the new season in March/April.

Also we have our motto "tested by professionals,ridden by professionals"

We are very lucky that we have always had top professionals test our bikes for us which is great as we get expert feedback from the very top of the sport. Having said that it has also been frustrating that we can never name our testers due to there teams being contracted to other bike brands.. Understandable but still frustrating for us.

This is something I am working on right now by offering our chief test rider a contract with Onix. Talks are at an advanced stage and I am hopeful we will have news on this in the new year. I cant say any more than that because his current team contract is not up till the 1st January and nothing has been signed as of this moment but were very close to a deal.

So the 2012 Road Bike Range has been selected and were just about to place the order, The money involved in this can be a bit scary as it is a very substantial amount of money but I know the product is fantastic so its money well invested.

Im so excited about 2012 and everything we have planned for next year..
I literally spend every hour trying to think of new ideas and new ways of doing things with Onix.
You will here about them here & on our twitter feed 1st and hope the weather will improve sometime so I can get actually get out on the bike without getting blown off the road and soaked to the skin.


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